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ShenZhen PCBdog Electronic Technology Company Limited. 

Company Introduction  
We are a professional supplier of PCB products, providing rigid PCB, Flex and Rigid-flex PCB. The products range from Single-side to High-layer PCB ,  with applications of high technology-Impedance control, High Frequency (RF), Halogen-free, HDI, back-drill, heavy copper (12oz), super long size (up to 1.5m LED line bar), Rigid-Flex , etc.
We are supporting customers from QTA, low/medium volume to mass production.  Provide satisfied service and make sure customer's cost down is our vision. we shall be our customers obvious choice when selecting the right partners for their printed circuit board supply.      

We have a professional team and plenty of experience in ISO9001 2015 and IATF 16949.  

Our mission as below: 
◎Supporting all kinds of business types from prototype, high mix low volume  to high volume mass production . 
◎Listening to customers' damands and technology trends of PCB field, move in advanced, make deep coorperation with customer.
◎Investing and introducing the most updated solutions and technologies on Rigid, Flex and Rigid-Flex.
◎Providing DFM and Setting suffusion monitor, inspection sites and necessary equipment to ensure quality.  

If you have your own supplier in China, also we can provide supplier chain service for you.

1: Supplier sourcing: Help you to find your suitable suppliers.
2: Supplier qualify: Help you to audit and qualify the supplier,provide audit report.
3: Samples qualify : help you to qualify the samples and provide samples qualify and test report.
4: Order follow up: help you to follow up the order progress, ensure delivery on time.
5: Quality control, we will help you to inspect and test the quality and push supplier improve quality.
6: Quality issue solution: Help you to solve the quality issues.
7: Others support which you need.
In order to create trust, we can provide one month service free of charge till you satisfied.


 Why choose us.

We can provide the satisfied service and solve your questions.
besides,  also we can do for you in China as below:

1, Suppliers development and management.
There are more than 2000 PCB factories in China, they are different in scale and capability, they have different product price and management system and ranked in different levels. how to sort our some good supplier from this large amount PCB factories? We can do this in China, We can collect the factory's information in China, find out if the factory can meet your demands or not, and go to the factory to do the on-site audit to see if what they said is real or not and if they real have good management and production capability, or we can filter out the un-qualified factories before your coming to China for audit that can save much of your precious time.
Do the audit on suppliers per our needs or on some regular time, to see if suppliers are qualified always, or find suppliers' problem and push them to do continuous improvements, give suggestions to supplier on system improvement, and supervise their improvement process and result.

2, Engineering support and quality assurance.

We can work in China on handling the engineering issues, to keep good connection with factory side and our engineering team to ensure all the issues can be resolved rapidly, for new orders, before production, We can follow up and handling the EQs and review the factory's working gerbers to ensure no delay and mistakes, during the production, We can work together with factories' team to handle the problem they meet on our orders, and after the production finish, We can do the final inspection again before shipment, to ensure the quality is good and all things are meet the spec. and our requirements.

3, Production plan and expediting.

We can keep good relationships with factories side, schedule and follow up the production everyday on site for all the orders from the orders release till shipment, this can make our boards to be produced faster and avoid any unnecessary delay, report the orders status everyday to our team to ensure our team can receive the updated status daily, and pay more attention on some urgent cases to make sure the urgent needs can be met.

4, After-sale services.

Work together and follow up with factories side on handling the after-sales work such as customer complaints handling, to ensure every root-causes of quality issues and be found out rapidly and the complaint and be handled without delay.
5, Cost down.
If needed,  can follow up factories' quotation process, push them to provide the quotation ASAP, compare the quotations and to choose the competitive one, analysis the prices and negotiate with suppliers to get more cost down.
If something need to be sourced by ourselves, such as test fixture and punching die, or special ink or materials, we can work for this.

6, Quality inspection,  we can do 100% quality inspection before shipment.

  • Competive price 

    Competive price with best quality.

  • Professional team

    Professional team ensure satisfied products and service.

  • 20 years in PCBs fields

    Rich experience in design, engineering, and quality systems.

  • 100% honest and trust

    Provide supplier chain servce by free one month.