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广州京写电路板有限公司 Kyosha group

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    简介:母公司为京写集团,在电路板行业有着50年的历史,在日本一直处于领先地位。广州京写电路板有限公司拥有5条全自动生产线生产单面板和双面板。每月生产量达到25万平方米以上; 2016年营业收入:3.54亿元 We located in the heart of the Pearl River Delta area of Guangdong Province and have five fully automated production lines to produce single-sided PCBs / Silver through hole PCBs. Our current capacities is over 250,000M2 a month. In order to provide a full range service to customer, we help our customer to source a qualified sub-contractor to produce double-side and multi-layer PCBs under our management.
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    top100,PCB,single pcb, multi layer pcbs, double layer, silver hole

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