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龙宇电子(梅州)有限公司 Long Yu Electronic

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    简介:龙宇(电子)梅州有限公司是香港新华电子有限公司在大陆设立的生产基地,主要从事专业多层印刷线路板内层制作、压合加工; 主营:多层印刷线路板; 2016年营业收入:3.30亿元 Long Yu Electronic (Meizhou) Co. Ltd. is located in Meizhou City. Guangdong province Economic Development Zone AD8 area.Covers an area of 49840m2,wit a total construction area of 45550m2 design, a total of a A.B.C three factory and warkers four quarters. A plant of production design on 300.000 CCL factory; Bon the design of factory production copacity for 150.000Ft² production and the inner production layter of the mulrilayer lamination plant .C works on the design capacity for the double-sided PCBs 120.000Ft²manufacture.
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    top100,PCB,high layer, laminate, base material

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    TEL:0753-2192233 FAX:0753-2325366 E-mail:mzly@vip.163.com

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