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Zhending tech.
简介:成立于2006年,主要生产软性电路板、高密度连接板、硬质电路板及IC载板; 主营:软性电路板(FPC)、高密度连接板(HDI)、硬质电路板(R-PCB)IC载板; 2016年营业收入:169.85亿元.
    Zhen Ding Technology Holding Limited (ZDT) was established on June 5th,   2006. ZDT specializes in manufacturing Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), High   Density Interconnection (HDI), Rigid Printed Circuit Board (R-PCB) and   Integrated Circuit Substrate (ICS). These products are broadly applied in the   areas of computer information, consumer electronics, networking, automobile   and medicine.
HDI,FPC,R-PCB,ICS,IC,high,top100zdt-sales@zdtco.com http://www.zdtco.com/index/index.asp
Mektron, Ltd.,
简介:是由日本机电株式会社MEKTRON集团和MEKTEC   TAIWAN CO.两家外资企业联合投资的一家外商独资企业; 主营:柔性印刷线路板(FPC);   2016年营业收入:84.15亿元
As part of Nippon Mektron, Ltd., the world's   leading manufacturer of Flexible Printed Circuits, Mektec International   Corporation (MIC) provides sales and design support for your product   development.
    The ultra-thin construction, precision, and dynamic flexibility of the FPC   has made this technology one of the most important elements in a growing   number of applications, and MIC will work with you and your team to build the   circuit that fits your specifications, schedule, and quality requirements.
    Our experience and presence in this field makes MIC a valuable partner for   our customers, who range from the world's foremost computer and disk drive   manufacturers, to manufacturers of cellular telephone, micro-displays,   medical devices, and many more.
FPC, top100MIC Headquarters
    1731 Technology Drive
    Suite 840
    San Jose, CA 95110
    Tel: 408-392-4000
    Fax: 408-392-4077

2: 如果你在和国外客户合作中遇到什么问题,我们将为你们提供服务,因为我们在客户审查,质量的改善解决具有丰富的经验。