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牧泰莱电路技术有限公司 MTLPCB

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    主营:多层板、高频板、金属基(芯)板、高Tg厚铜箔板 、平面绕组板、混合介质板、HDI、刚柔结合板、特种基板及定制各种特定要求的印制电路板; 官网:; 2016年营业收入:2.68亿元 Founded in 2005 Concentrate on high density special multilayer PCB Manufacture Focuses on prototype medium volume Swift response, Express delivery Strong R&D capability offers reliable guarantee for versatile service ISO9001:2000 and UL certification ISO14000:2004 and clear production certification CPCA member HI-TECH enterprise in Shenzhen
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    top100,PCB,Multilayer PCB High Frequency PCB Metal Base PCB High Tg Heavy Copper PCB Buried, bind vi

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    Tel: +86 731 88422881 Fax: +86 731 82786266 mail: check@mtlpcb.com

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