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Shenzhe Kinwong Electronic Co., LTd

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    Shenzhen Kinwong Electronic  Co.,Ltd. established in 1993 and headquartered in Shenzhen, has become a State-level Hi-tech Enterprise with the production of high-density multi-layer PCB and flexible PCB.  It has been recognized as the Eighth (2009) Top 100 China Printed Circuit Board Enterprises, State-level Hi-tech Enterprise, the Seventh Shenzhen Famous Brand, Class AA Enterprise of Shenzhen Customs, Good Faith Demonstration Enterprise of Guangdong Province, Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprise of Guangdong Province, the First Model Enterprise of Abiding by Labor Law Labor Law, the Third Excellent Home of Builders from Other Places to Shenzhen, Harmonious Labor Relation Enterprise of Shenzhen, Advanced Unit of Waste Reduction in Shenzhen Pengcheng, etc. The core subsidiaries affiliated to the Group Company include:
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    top100,PCB,High,HDI,FPC,MPCB,MCPCB, aluminum-d composite materials,

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    Tel: (86-755) 2769 7333 E-mail:market@kinwong.com

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