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Partner with our EMS factory for easy PCB design, prototyping, and small batch manufacturing.

XYD has strong roots as an EMS service provider and offers solutions for electronics needs. We can assist companies in every phase of their product lifecycle. XYD have full supplier chain which  is fully certified. pcb fully form in study prototype pcb assembly for you.

Our advantages

Our team over 20 years experience in German EMS Company,  Technology, Quality, Service is our best advantages.

  • PCBs control

    From PCB design, Raw material control,  process control and PCB Reliability test, we have control for each process ensure the quality.

  • Electronic components.

    100% follow your manufacture P/N define to purchase every electronic components in your BOM, we will never change electronic components without you approval.

  • PCBA Test

    Enough test machine,  FAI test, AOI test, X-ray test , Function fixture test , so can ensure 100% okay for your PCBA after such test.

  • Technology support

    We can support your design and tell you how to cost down about the DFM design, one stop solution and make your design easy.

Our service

  • PCB manufacture

    We can manufacture FR4 muti-layer PCBs, Rigid-flex PCBs, Rigid-flexible PCBs,  Untra-thin Flexible PCBs, RF PCBs, mmwave PCBs, etc. PCBs solution for you from design to manufacture.

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    Component Procurement

    Procurement and Supply Chain Management, we cooperated with IC chips original company, connector original company directly,  professional team to purchase and when received, each component needs to be stored, handled and if required, tested such that the assembled product will meet the specification and perform reliably. 

  • EMS-PCB Assembly

    PCBs are pasted, assembled, soldered, and inspected using our automated production lines, which can process most currently available electronic components.Through-Hole Assembly, Box Build Assembly, AOI test, PCB Assembly Testing, Certonal Coating/ Conformal Coating / Potting

There is nothing more vital to the success of XYD Electronics than the attention we give to electronics quality control and PCB quality control. Our reputation is built on our pursuit of the highest standards.