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Providing PCB, Rigid-flex PCB and One Stop Solution service(Design, ODM, OEM & EMS) .



PCBdog provides you with competive price and best quality for PCB/PCBA . You can provide your quotation to make a comparision with us.  We  also provide PCB/PCBA supplier chain management in China by free.

Our advantages

We are a professional team with more than 20 years in PCBs fields.  We have rich resource in PCB/PCBA supplier chain in China. So we can help you get products you want.

  • Price transparency

    You can get the competive price product. 

  • Professional dedicated team

    We have professional team,  ensure you get satisfied product with best quality and delivery.

  •  20 years experience

    We have rich experience and resouce  so can help you to develop your own supplier.

  • Free platform

    We connect you and PCBs factories together, help you cost down .


  • Supplier chain management 

    Help you to find your best PCBs suppliers and support all the service including quality , engineer etc by free, you can cost down.

  • One stop solution for PCBs

    Schematic Design---PCB/SIP Design---PCB/FPC/Substrate fabrication---Package samples/PCBA Assembly---Testiing

  • One stop solution for project

    However complex your project, we are here to find technical and logistical solutions to make your plans come true, because we are in ShenZhen of China.

We provide PCBs with lowest price and high quality, we share you all the PCBs suppliers in China, we can help you to do supplier chain management.


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