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We oversee every aspect of your unique PCB requirements: from design to engineering, manufacturing to logistics – allowing you to focus on your core business competence.

Our advantages

We are a pcb solutions company with have more than 20 years experience in PCBs . we have our own PCB supplier chain in China.

  • Quality assurance

    We support  and ensure all PCBs meet with IPC and ensure factory meet with IATF16949.

  • Supplier Chain

    Our qualified suppliers transform your data to finished PCBs, every single time..

  • Professonal team

    We have enough PCBs experience, so we can ensure you get best quality and service.

  • Stable relationship

    Good relationship with partner is our guidline, benefit for you is first and business is second.

PCBs solution

  • Have a PCB Challenge

    For all your demand from design to your challenge requirement we can understand you well from design to production.

  • Optimize your project

    Support you to optmize the design from start, samples ,trial run till mass production.

  • One stop solution

    However complex your project, we’re here to find technical and logistical solutions to make your plans come true, because we are in ShenZhen of China.

We locate in Shenzhen of China,  on our technology and PCBs experience, we are useful for you. We will solve your problems in PCBs from design , sample to mass production.




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