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What can PCBDOG do for you?

What we can do for you.
Our service included PCB manufacture, components cost, SMT and DIP assembly cost, AOI inspection cost, standard packaging cost and freight to your Shenzhen address.
also can provide IC programming input, PCBA  test fixure manufacture, and functional test and finished product services. If necessary, please provide relevant documents and test instructions to evaluate the operation time. 
We will 100% according your manufacture P/N define to purchase  about the components manufacture , manufacture P/N,  we will implement the components strictly according to the defined manufacturer and part number.
 XYD ET LTD  accept 1 year warranty with condition including the electronic parts, PCBs and assembling process of SMT, DIP and test guide line. If it is design or end user's miss-use then it shall not be XYD respond.
We cooperated with Ti, Microchips ,ST, GD etc directly, we will try to solve the IC shortage for you and cost down for you by book the IC and furture order IC from origninal company directly.


  • One Stop Solutions For PCBs, PCBAs

    • Support you from design stage, help you to optmize the DFM, so let the quality with best cost.

    • Support you to do trial run till mass production.

    • Always servie and support for you from PCBAs design to products.

    • PCB Manufacture

    • Component Procurement

    • SMT & PTH Assembly

    • Product Assembly & Test

  • One Stop Solution For Project

    However complex your project, we’re here to find technical and logistical solutions to make your plans come true,

    We not only manufacture PCB PCBA for you. we extensive development expertise

    Project management

    Hardware development

    Software development

    Security & protection of plagiarism

    Logic−Design / System−on−Chip

    Mechanical development

    Layout development

    EMC measurement, EMC consultation

    DFx – Design for Excellence

    Product qualification

    Process qualification

    Testing tool development

    Reference projects

    Comprehensive partner network